Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recruiters on the radio ?

Looking around some of the social networking sites out there it's easy to see that on line is where it's at for many recruiters. If you're a recruiter have you ever considered taking it one step further by putting you message on radio? You know target a market, call the general sales manager, strike a deal to put the position on the radio. Radio can bring any on line or print ad to life by giving it a voice. You'll reach thousands of passive candidates in seconds. For example, Hometown 1340 WLVL is a news/talk station. Our audience is age 35- 55 primarily male, depending on the day part your message will reach upward of 15,000 listeners for about $20 bucks a spot or less ! It's not for everyone nor every market and out reach for some budgets, but for many it could lead to faster, more profitable placement.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Awareness, traffic, sales...

When it comes to your advertising/marketing plan what's your objective? Is it to create awareness? drive traffic? generate sales? You're correct if you answer all three! While the focus of your advertising efforts may focus on one of these, ultimately you want to move your product or service correct? So what does your message focus on ? Does it call the consumer to action? Is it visible to the right market? Is the message in the right media ? It's good to advertise, it's GREAT(and should be your goal) to achieve the objective.