Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I Returned to Hometown 1340 WLVL

This is the most frequent question I get asked lately. First, I want to say Thank you to station owner Dick Greene for giving me the opportunity to come back. This is not my first time at bat for WLVL. I was employed here before I worked for the Chamber of Commerce. I didn't expect a call from Dick, but I am thankful he did. I am honored he asked me back and I am grateful.
As the General Sales Manager my vision to is to build a professional sales force committed to excellence for or customers and our station.
What I loved about the station before I still love today. The station's "hometown" feel (which I just coined as our one word mission statement) reminds me of growing up in New Hampshire. As a kid I remember a similar station (WKBR) that was on most mornings while we got ready for school. There is a unique "feel" to the station that you just don't get with corporate radio. Second in my decision to return was that I can still work for and serve the Niagara County business community. Among all the natural wonder and beauty in Niagara, its lifeblood are the people and businesses they work for. Third, I really like the challenge and creativity in the broadcast industry. The challenge of sales and leading a sales team. The creativity exercised in developing a great ad campaign that produces results for our clients.
WLVL is Niagara's community radio station. I'm proud to be part of it. I encourage you to listen. I encourage you to visit our advertisers.

Welcome to "the blog"

Thanks for joining me here in my new blog. I've had a couple of others. One where I shared some of observation on life. Another that focused on business and leadership. Here I hope to share with you a little of everything. Knowledge and talents are not meant to be stored up and squandered, rather they are most valuable when shared. That's my purpose here, to share with you what I know. I don't know if you want it or even need it, but if through this space I am able to help someone than I've succeeded.
So Thank you for joining me here. Hope you'll come back