Thursday, January 19, 2012

The 10 Foot Commute

I am a Ambit marketing consultant. I joined the company about six months ago. One of the first things higher headquarters advise all new consultants to do is "define your why" Why are you a consultant. So here is mine :
Why I am a Ambit Energy Marketing Consultant
I am a Ambit Energy Marketing Consultant because THIS is plan B (I believe we should all have a plan B ) I have always dreamed of becoming my own boss. What does that mean ? For me that means I'm going to fish when I want, Love my family and be there for them when I want and have the financial security to give and get what I want I've decided that I won't be encumbered by the corporate world. I will not follow misguided,corporate missions that don't mirror my values. If your reading this and you work in a "cube farm" think about it. If your reading this and you can't make it to your daughter or sons game, rehersal or cant get home before they go to bed because of a deadline or you work for a corporate deadhead boss,think about it ! Life is short. THIS is the right opportunity ,for anyone,at the right time,believe it, and I am in the right place, and so are you. I will not succumb to the threats of the present economy or any economy because I AM MY ECONOMY. I will share the system to help you find similar success and construct a life of living, loving and giving. I will help you construct a way of life that is uncommonly good for the common man.

I don't know what your why is, but if you want to live uncommonly good I have a system. Let's go ! Learn more and join me at

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